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Cirrus is now a part of Atturra


Cirrus ensures we are clear on your business objectives, or stage of service, and consistently strives for the best technology solution that delivers you true value and efficiencies.


The Cirrus advisory team helps develop and present findings, conclusions, and recommendations for your consideration and decision making. More


On-premise, hybrid, public and private cloud environments, our staff are highly certified and capable of delivering solutions, on-time and on budget. More


Allow your team to focus on more strategic, innovative, and revenue-driving tasks while taking comfort that Cirrus has your back, delivering efficient, cost-effective and flexible support services which align with industry standards and practices. More


Have the visibility and the control needed to achieve good IT hygiene, starting by freeing up cluttered environments and having an effective security strategy service through Cirrus. More

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Did you know that 93% of customers consider innovative technologies as necessary to reach their digital transformation goals?


Our Customers

Technical Solutions

Learning and understanding your business allows Cirrus to provide enduring value through solutions, accelerating your business to the next level.

Hybrid Cloud

Combine your private cloud with the public cloud to achieve greater flexibility in moving workloads between solutions. More

Managed Cloud

Have partial or complete management control using a managed cloud service to ensure cloud resources run efficiently. More


Safeguard your information, have the proper security in place to avoid data breaches and make sure only those who need to know can access your sensitive data. More


Navigating the increasingly complex world of delivering integrated solutions to customers, Cirrus teaming up with our global partners set out to accomplish, address and solve your goals. More

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