Fremantle Council SOE Rollout

The City of Fremantle is a local government authority that provides an eclectic mix of services, facilities, and events to local residents, businesses, Perth-based visitors and the tourism market. As a government organisation employing over 400 staff and serving the many suburbs, they are committed to sustainable practices and were recognised as WA’s first carbon neutral council in 2009 and as an international One Planet Council in 2015.

The task for Cirrus

symbion premises

With Fremantle council’s lease agreement nearing the end of its 3-year term, the city required all equipment to be returned to the leasing company. This was a perfect opportunity for Fremantle’s IT Coordinator to find a better resource given the time and budget constraints they faced.


Cirrus Networks received and warehoused all hardware in preparation for the rollout. The project team took care of SOE installation, equipment tagging for asset management, preparation of a rollout schedule that could be implemented with minimal impact to City staff, and the provision of project management to ensure all stakeholders were kept up to date at every stage.

On site, the Cirrus team assisted with all activity endemic to an IT commissioning project, including setting up and installing new devices and applications, migrating data across multiple user accounts and machines, configuring network and peripheral settings, and handing over new working hardware to users.

Once the new machines were in place, Cirrus staff decommissioned all old hardware, completely wiping any data to ensure the security of the City’s confidential information. They then re-packed
and returned the old equipment to the leasing company on the City’s behalf.

In total, the City acquired 313 Dell All-in-One desktops, 14 workstations, and 86 new monitors, fully configured and delivered by Cirrus Networks across all 8 locations with minimal demand on the City’s internal IT resources.


Since the rollout was completed, Cirrus Networks and the City of Fremantle have discussed an ongoing Managed Service agreement, along with further infrastructure and consulting projects.


• Project completion under time and under budget
• Open communication and full accountability from Cirrus team
• Elastic resourcing to accommodate project setbacks, and;
• Minimal time investment for the City of Fremantle.

Though we knew this to be the nature of services provided by agencies like Cirrus, we were impressed at how quickly and autonomously their team were able to react to the issues that came up during the project. Yet even with this level of service and adaptability, we were still under budget.

Joel Hurst | I.T. Manager at City of Fremantle


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