Symbion Investing in the Best Technologies

Symbion is a national wholesaler of healthcare services and products, providing services to over 3500 pharmacy customers and playing an integral part in the Australian healthcare system. The organisation can be traced back to 1845 with a rich 170 year history and it is still growing with over 12 warehouses located nationally which coordinate daily deliveries of 15,000 product lines from 550 manufacturing partners.

The task for Cirrus

symbion premises

A market-leading business that is committed to investing in the best technologies, Symbion saw an opportunity of partnering with another organisation to leverage device as a service options. This enabled them to receive the best options for pricing, availability and service from companies that are experts in the IT field. A tender was put together where Cirrus was chosen to coordinate and distribute desktops as a service for the healthcare giant over a three year contract.


Cirrus has successfully delivered more than 340 desktops nationally and all within the SLA’s of 5 days set by Symbion.

The main benefit that Symbion have experienced from this is the lightening of the burden for the IT staff, and this was the main reason the tender was created.

This has resulted in Symbion IT staff having the ability to spend more time on more complex IT issues. Cirrus also leveraged vendor relationships and guaranteed pricing for models agreed upon. This allows Symbion the ability to forward forecast cost for devices.


Cirrus put forward a tender submission that encompassed several different services into one solution for Symbion:
• Fully imaged machine
• Asset Tagging for every device
• National Shipping to over 8 locations
• Buffer Stock for fast turnover from order to delivery
• Warranty Management (dealing directly with the vendor for any issues on behalf of Symbion)

The solution also included providing a monthly report to Symbion with information on serial numbers, computer names, delivery addresses, date warranty was launched, warranty expiry date, asset tag number as well as Cirrus invoice number.

Cirrus had a thorough understanding of our technical requirements and were extremely diligent when it came to presenting and implementing the solution, I would be happy to recommend Cirrus to other businesses.

Stephen McPherson | Ebos Group