Hepburn Shire Council Speed up their vision with Pure Storage

Hepburn Shire Council is a local government area in Victoria, Australia catering to a population of more than 15,000. The region is renowned for its natural beauty and mineral springs, and has a strong base in agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, and tourism. Hepburn Shire Council is deeply committed to its constituents, consistently seeking new ways to provide better services and applications for the community.

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Local Governments in Australia are responsible for handling a variety of vital community needs, such as; waste collection, public recreation facilities, town planning and supporting the key industries of such municipalities. Being able to deliver these services whilst sustaining council growth can place significant demand on Government IT departments.


With ageing infrastructure acting as a huge bottleneck in a relatively small IT environment, Hepburn Shire Council put out a tender seeking a new storage solution. Cirrus Networks won the tender and the government organisation’s top choice was Pure Storage because of its reputation for all-flash excellence and customer support.

• Optimal productivity of a small IT staff was stymied by complex infrastructure management.
• Subpar infrastructure performance hindered community services and applications.
• Legacy storage was unable to meet operational reliability and performance requirements.

“We were impressed right away by how quick and easy the migration to Pure Storage was,” Folbigg said. “One thing that really blew me away was the fact that they were able to tell us immediately that we had power supply issues before we even knew anything about it ourselves. Pure made a world of difference for us from the outset.”

By implementing Pure Storage through Cirrus Networks, Hepburn Shire Council went from a sluggish, congested IT environment that had plagued the governing body for years, to one with the speed, reliability, and performance they needed to deliver better services, at a budget they can support.


The prime partnership between Pure Storage and Cirrus Networks allowed Hepburn Shire Council to deliver on its vision for improved infrastructure and core services across the whole Shire, providing a foundation which has allowed it to build on top community priorities such as reducing emissions, biodiversity, and streamlining customer service requests to better serve the community.

Hepburn Shire Council is reaping the benefits of Pure in many ways. “The speed is fantastic, the compression is impressive, de-duplication is first-rate, and the system works so much smarter in every way. Put simply, it’s bloody quick,” Folbigg said.

Since deploying Pure Storage, Hepburn Shire Council has witnessed a 50 to 70 percent performance increase across the enterprise. “We now manage twice the amount of storage we previously did with the same number of staff. It’s incredible,” Folbigg said.

The speed and agility of Pure Storage’s system is transforming the IT team’s operations with virtual servers now booting in under 50 seconds. Folbigg said the high performance storage delivers critical data to staff 50 percent faster than the previous system, freeing up the staff time to focus on other strategic projects and focusing more on their customers needs.

The IT team at Hepburn Shire Council is also experiencing significant time savings compared to the previous system. We used to spend so much time fixing things. We had issues with the server, the SAN itself, everything,” Folbigg explained. “With Pure, we haven’t had to touch anything. I just walked into the server room for the first time in weeks, whereas before I was in there troubleshooting almost daily.” Now the team has more time to spend on delivering services that directly impact people in the community, rather than fighting IT fires.

Folbigg was equally impressed with Pure Storage’s customer support, which has proven a huge step up from its legacy system’s service. The high-touch customer experience with Pure is especially welcome in the council’s smaller IT environment where it must do more with its resources.

Now that we don’t have to worry about our storage environment, we can look ahead and focus on improving other aspects of our IT infrastructure and hardware.

Robert Folbigg | Senior IT Consultant