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Maurice Blackburn is a distinguished and very established law firm that has been in operation for nearly a century. The national law firm prides itself in being the voice of injustice and taking the side of those who have been treated unfairly and to uphold civil liberties and social justice in compensation law, general law, superannuation and insurance, and employment law.

The task for Cirrus

symbion premises

The document management application was virtualised as a significant business tool and it had become sluggish and presented challenges. An investigation revealed the decreasing performance of the existing SAN as well as a need for additional storage for growth. “The combination of our SAN and storage requirement triggered a search for a faster solution – this was parallel with trying to build a really solid technology foundation to support the ongoing growth of the firm.” Johnstone said.


The Cirrus team put forward a solution that encompassed Pure Storage’s flash technology that would solve the additional storage requirement as well as deliver a high performing SAN. The solution was reviewed by Johnstone’s team to certify that this was a suitable resolution for the growing firm. Johnstone said “Pure presented a great foundation for storage performance moving forward and will more than satisfy our three year projection and storage requirements.


The migration process of half the documentation management application took half a day and Maurice Blackburn truly believe this is the right solution for the firm. Johnstone’s team is already seeing improvements across the application suite including their Citrix deployment. Furthermore the solution NGage provided has proven to be much simpler to support which has resulted in less resources required to support the storage functionality in the firm. The benefits extend to the end user with application times improving considerably, giving staff a better overall experience.

“From an end user perspective the implementation is saving valuable time and significantly reducing employee frustration,” Johnstone said. “For example, a full text search on our document system used to take an average of 45 seconds – sometimes it would timeout completely on the EMC infrastructure. Running the indexers on Pure Storage has reduced this to less than ten seconds.”

Johnstone believes that backups are around 12x faster to complete and this also includes the increase in Citrix performance which had an immediate impact on staff productivity. Another key benefit is the reduction of the data footprint
by a factor of 4.5.

Supporting this growth from an IT perspective is imperative in ensuring ongoing performance. The company requires technology that will keep up with its rapid expansion and increasing storage demands.

Brett Johnstone | CIO at Maurice Blackburn


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