SOE Rollout For Sensis

Sensis is Australia’s No.1 marketing services company with Yellow Pages, White Pages, TrueLocal, Whereis, Skip, search engine marketing and optimisation services, website products, social, data and mapping solutions and through its digital advertising agency, Found. Sensis is also Australia’s largest print directory publisher including the Yellow Pages and White Pages.

The task for Cirrus

symbion premises

Sensis had a requirement to deploy over 250 Toshiba devices to sites around Australia. Timing was paramount for the deployment with a narrow window between having new devices available and disposing of the old equipment with minimal effort by the internal Sensis IT staff.


Cirrus was selected as the trusted partner to deliver this project. The solution provided by Cirrus ensured that the devices were deployed to all relevant locations, ready for use, without having to be touched by the internal IT team. This involved the following:

• Imaging of devices through SCCM
• Asset tagging
• Adding serial numbers to device bios
• Direct shipping to capital city and regional sites
• Disposal of packaging for individual machines
• Warranty registration and management, and;
• Reporting to Sensis and multiple partners on device information.


The implementation of Cirrus’s deployment solution provided a number of benefits to Sensis:

• No double handling of devices as Cirrus undertook the entire setup and shipping without having to be sent to Sensis head office then out to offices
• Machines were fully imaged and tested prior to going on site, ensuring no issues were encountered when the devices arrived on site
• Reduced effort and time saving for internal Sensis IT staff, enabling them to focus on more complex technical issues and core business, and;
• High internal customer satisfaction was achieved as devices arrived on time and ready to go, with no additional setup required on site.

From quoting the equipment, to imaging of machines and delivery, all touch points with Cirrus were monitored by their staff, with timely status updates.

Rupesh Kapadia | GM – Technology Services at Sensis