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Extensive Assessment

Cloud Data Strategy Review

Cirrus Cloud Extensive Assessments

A strategic assessment that provides practical guidance and recommendations to enhance your data management strategy and journey to the cloud.


The assessment will identify the data strategy needed to support your business transformation, and analyse your organisation’s current strategy and readiness for change.


A ‘value map’ that aligns and confirms any additional strategic elements required to realise your business goals:

  • Data strategy summary for cloud transformation
  • Current data strategy baseline overview
  • Next steps and defined outcomes


  • Addressing business requirements
  • Data sourcing and classification
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Governance, compliance and security
  • Metadata and data namespaces
  • Data pipelines and deriving insights
  • Sustaining and scaling data services
  • People, process and platforms (Ops)
  • Roadmap to realisation


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