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Cirrus offers real careers where you can unleash your full potential, working on great client projects with a skilled team of professionals.

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Career shoes

Cirrus has a great working culture

Workplace Flexibility

At Cirrus we believe that a flexible and hybrid approach to the workplace helps employees maintain a work/life balance and help improve the productivity and efficiency of our business.

Learning and Development

Career and skill development is important to Cirrus. We truly believe that your growth is our growth and are keen to go on this journey together. We also have reward schemes for technical training.

Career Growth

Whether you're looking to grow from service desk to systems administration, engineering to architecture, or slide across to project management for sales, Cirrus have avenues to help grow your career. Even if you move on to other organisations in the future!

Salary Sacrifice

You will have the opportunity to have car leasing and a range of other initiatives supported by the Government under salary sacrifice programs.

ASX Listed National Organisation

We're small enough to be agile and big enough to compete in the mid and enterprise markets. There are opportunities to work across the country and relocate to other States.

Award Winning Company

Cirrus has gone through record growth and we have an agile, fast-paced environment. It isn't for everyone but it can be very rewarding and lead to much personal growth.

Team Environment

We have passionate professionals that want to make a difference for ourselves, our clients and the business. Brainstorming joint projects and collaboration are all common elements of our team environments and strong, open communication is essential for success.

Workplace Diversity and Equality

Diversity in the workplace means the acceptance and inclusion of employees of all backgrounds. Cirrus has a diverse workplace which we believe is important as it acknowledges the individual strengths of each employee and the potential they bring which makes our workplace safer, respectful, more effective, and overall a better place to work.

We stand by our Values


We strive to be more than our individual makeup through empowerment of our teams, strong collaboration, enjoyment ​in the workplace and the creation of partnerships. We believe this will make ​ us more than the sum of our parts and ​be a true contributor to our success.


We are extremely energetic and emotionally invested in technology, especially the solutions that can be provided through technology to better our clients. We take great pride in delivering great client outcomes and the journey it takes us on.


We carry the courage to advise our clients ​ on what we believe to be the right solution to meet their needs. Even if this advice conflicts with the wants of our clients, ​our suppliers or our partners.


We are committed to being flexible to our clients needs and constraints, working tirelessly together to deliver solutions in a shape, form or timeframe that will best meet our client’s objectives, while maintaining the integrity of our delivery.


We value trust and endeavor to build relationships with our clients, suppliers, partners and each other through respect, ​honesty and professionalism.

Cirrus Human Resources, Nisha Menon

We pride ourselves on making Cirrus a great place to work. We offer an amazing culture and endless opportunities to learn, develop and expand into different roles. Accelerate your career at Cirrus.

Nisha Menon, Human Resources Manager

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Cirrus understand the importance of engaging on all levels of your business. With extensive experience we adopt a collaborative approach ensuring an understanding of your challenges, in turn, helping develop the right IT solution.