Open Roaming

Simple, seamless, secure Wi-Fi access and why YOU need to know about it!

The Future of Wi-Fi

The future of Wi-Fi is private, secure, and always on. I invite you to visit the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s website and educate yourself on how Wi-Fi will be used in 2022 and beyond, as well as how OpenRoaming will affect your industry. link

What is OpenRoaming?

OpenRoaming is designed to provide seamless secure Wi-Fi access, which is an industry-wide issue since efforts to standardize how this should happen have not yet reached critical mass to support worldwide acceptance. OpenRoaming is a framework that enables these industry efforts to scale, resulting in a seamless, secure Wi-Fi experience connecting billions of users and things to millions of Wi-Fi networks worldwide.

OpenRoaming is supported by a global alliance called the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) which has developed the legal, legislative, and technical frameworks required to enable OpenRoaming’s vision of seamlessly and securely connecting billions of users and things to millions of Wi-Fi networks worldwide.

OpenRoaming allows Wi-Fi networks to dynamically discover and securely link an authenticating user or device to the identity provider that owns or has provisioned that device for the purpose of allowing network and internet access to the user or device. Essentially OpenRoaming creates the framework for an always-on Wi-Fi experience no matter the network location and or device.

Why is this important?

By guaranteeing that users are always connected, the mobile network (LTE) sets the standard for user experience. Wi-Fi is a different story. A negative first-time user experience when connecting a BYOD or IoT device to enterprise or guest Wi-Fi networks is a common occurrence. Manifested by an infuriating and repetitive user authentication process, onboarding issues, and the never-ending security standards showdown wreaking havoc on enterprise and guest Wi-Fi networks creates a frustrating experience for BYOD users and IoT devices on non-next generation hotspot (NGH) Wi-Fi networks

OpenRoaming consists of over two decades of technology, alliances, standards, and vendor development efforts. Passpoint, Hotspot2.0, RADSEC, and device onboarding solutions are required in an OpenRoaming environment and all of the technologies described have only gained acceptance in niche markets, never reaching the heights their creators anticipated.

For example, did you know HotSpot2.0 has been around for ten years and is now on its third release however it is still unknown in the enterprise Wi-Fi market?

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