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Cirrus is working closely with NetApp to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation, gain competitive edge and create seamless integration between customers, employees and external entities. We can help to create fast and efficient digital transformation by developing a next generation, Cloud – architecture infrastructure that manages data and services as one integrated resource supporting your existing On-Premise, Hybrid Cloud, or full Cloud Data Centre. This will allow our customers to maximise the value of their data in a Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment by keeping data secure, moving it between Cloud resources and managing it across platforms. Contact Cirrus and start your digital transformation journey today.

NetApp is a Strategic Partner of Cirrus Networks

Automating the Hybrid Cloud

Automation is exactly what it sounds like — creating an automatic chain of events that can get multiple objectives done at once without needing to do every single step manually. This kind of on-demand and immediate response has always been the greater aim of all Cloud functions; however, there are many aspects of this that [...]

How Hybrid Cloud Can Improve Your Business?

Hybrid Cloud infrastructure is the most advanced IT infrastructure and data storage solution available today for businesses at every level. Hybrid Cloud brings a number of distinct advantages to the table, improving everything from data mobility to scale, cost, security, and control. If you are looking to build your data [...]

What Are the Security Risks of Working in The Hybrid Cloud?

When it comes to working in a Hybrid Cloud environment it is always important to know the risks of the environment that will be housing some of your most valuable data all in one place. Risks to the security of your data can vary greatly from the purely malicious to simply accidental; however, these are all things that need [...]

On-Premises, Public Cloud, or Private Cloud?

When it comes to data storage there is a lot of jargon to throw around, especially surrounding the management of data and what any of these storage solutions really provide over the others. Data storage can be put into three major categories: on-premise, or data stored physically at your business all locally stored, public [...]

How Will IT Support Change in The Future?

The world of IT services has always been and likely always will be a quick moving and ever-changing industry, constantly having to adapt to the latest and greatest technologies. Trailing behind the current quarantine crisis, the latest movement has of course been primarily focused on the movement of our offices and the need [...]


Please contact one of our State branch managers directly if you would like to talk more about what Cirrus and NetApp can provide your business.

  • Mark Kalmus
    Mark Kalmus Branch Manager – Victoria

    Passionate about business results in the digital world, I have a “can do” attitude and enjoy working with like-minded people. I have a particular passion for utilizing digital technology for improving efficiency, productivity and the user experience.

  • Rod Dunstan
    Rod Dunstan Enterprise Account Executive for Western Australia

    Passionate Sales Professional focused on building relationships and developing innovative business outcomes.

  • Simon Loftus
    Simon Loftus Sales Lead & Senior Account Executive for ACT

    With more than thirteen years IT experience across a range of technical delivery, team leader, architecture and pre-sales roles, I have experience across the breadth of technology and considerable depth in certain infrastructure.