Simplify & improve the Management of your IT

As an experienced Managed Service Provider Cirrus will support your end-to-end ICT needs or anything in between. Whether it be end-user support, infrastructure components, third-party management, or just being at the end of the phone. We can design a service that meets your needs.


Cirrus operate using standard practices and leading toolsets
Efficient, controlled and enabling change across your technology environment adopting industry standard practices and leading toolsets.


Cirrus staff are here to monitor and protect your environment
Proactive scheduled maintenance routines delivered by experienced staff aligned to vendor best practices.


Cirrus are continually improving to give the best outcomes for the customer
An ethic of continuous improvement and architecture engagement embracing true IT Service Management principles.

Managed Services

Solutions for End-to-end network design and implementation services encompassing WAN, LAN, security, wireless and optimisation.

24x7 call centre

Single point of contact for all clients with a focus on the capture of incidents and speed escalation to a range of resolver groups.

Service Desk

Single point of contact for all clients with a focus on the capture of incidents and speed escalation to a range of resolver groups.

National Operations Centre (NOC)

Proactive and repeatable operational activities including backup management, tool-set administration, event and alert management, reporting and patching.

Monitoring and Alerting

Advanced monitoring toolsets and robust processes identify and resolve issues early maximising availability for your business.

Service Management

Reporting, analysis, problem management and robust communications through excellent service delivery managers to ensure any service is delivered to its potential while driving continuous improvement in your business.

Level 3 Support

National Technical Practices (NTPs) provide specialist Level 3 support across all service lines. This is an escalation point for the Service Desk and NOC to respond, to and resolve incidents and requests following Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Capability and Availability Management

Capacity management to define and measure threshold levels, and application of industry leading practices to manage growth is critical to continued availability and stability.

Patching and Concurrency

Environments are patched to levels in accordance with vendor guidelines. This is crucial to maintaining performance and avoiding vulnerability.

Talk to Cirrus

Cirrus understand the importance of engaging on all levels of your business. With extensive experience we adopt a collaborative approach ensuring an understanding of your challenges, in turn, helping develop the right IT solution.