Hybrid Technology Solutions

A hybrid Tech platform seamlessly integrates on-premise solutions with cloud-based applications in a secure way. The integration helps your IT team fast-track company innovation, enhance business efficiency, and lower risks in accomplishing integrations. Cirrus has a range of hybrid solutions to suit your business, ensuring a seamless transition to deliver the best-mixed outcome.


Applications for a user, device, server, hypervisor, or cloud perspective, Cirrus will help you with your compute solution needs. Our team designs and implements on-premise, data centre, or cloud solutions for your applications. We consider availability, flexibility, management, control, performance and recovery.


Automation for efficient architecture is evolving in the modern workplace. We need efficient provisioning, configuration management, application deployment and service coordination. Help grow your business automation and integration across various technology providers with Cirrus.

Active Directory, Server and O365

Microsoft services are a fundamental part of most organisations. Cirrus has a wide range of skilled staff to design and implement Active Directory, Azure, O365, Systems Centre, SQL Server, Security, Identity Management, Windows Server, scripting and virtualisation with post support and management of your environment.

Storage & Data Management

There is a broad range of storage solutions for production, backup, file and archive situations, incorporating flash technology or lower-cost spinning disks. Design, deploy, manage, and support these solutions with Cirrus. The appropriate availability, recovery, and capacity for your storage are crucial for modern-day businesses.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protecting your data is one of the highest operational priorities of an ICT team. Offering expertise in established and emerging technologies, Cirrus will help your business adopt advanced discovery and automation tools. Cirrus supports your journey into the data centre and helps balance systems to ensure quick availability and rapid recovery if disaster strikes.

Hyperconverged Platforms

Hyperconverged platforms address a hybrid environment, delivering efficiency, models to scale and value for money. Do you need to understand the hyper-converged value, or are looking to have a best practice solution for business container-based applications? In that case, the Cirrus technical team can help. Talk to Cirrus.

Private, Public & Multi-Cloud

Most organisations have adopted some form of public cloud and have a hybrid approach for applications residing across the cloud, data centre, edge or on-premise. Depending on performance, flexibility, data ownership, security, flexibility and cost influence, many decisions regarding the location of applications and data will need consideration. Cultivate a flexible, secure and economic environment that works for your business by talking to Cirrus.


Having work applications in the cloud, on-premise or data centres, it’s essential to move workloads as required. Visibility gives you the flexibility to question the host platform and get the best value from your venue or provider through the containerisation of your applications.

Talk to Cirrus

Cirrus understand the importance of engaging on all levels of your business. With extensive experience, we adopt a collaborative approach ensuring an understanding of your challenges and helping develop the right IT solution.