Network Security Solutions

Have the visibility and the control needed to achieve good IT hygiene, starting by freeing up cluttered environments and having an effective security strategy through Cirrus.
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Cirrus Access Security Management Services

Eliminating the trade-off between security and business agility.

Network Visibility & Security

Protection at the edge is one of the most critical components of your network design. If you are considering Zero Trust or interested in a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) design, our team can deliver the above leading security outcomes using various partner technologies.


If you have multiple data centres or workload areas that need careful network security design, our team will investigate and develop structures to avoid lateral exposure to cyber-attacks.

Wireless Security

Creating simple, free to air, secure wireless solutions needs careful design and consideration. Cirrus is a leading expert in wireless networks and will take you on your wireless journey.

Firewall & Gateway

Are you looking for cost-effective perimeter protection or an enterprise security platform? The next-generation security team will help design and implement best practice solutions for your security edge.

Access Control

Many user devices connected to your business in the everything connected world need to have visibility and discovery. Categorise and policy control devices introduced to your network for maximum efficiency.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Stop threats in their tracks and pinpoint attacks by identifying suspicious activity across network segments and public cloud. Ensure you can patch and address vulnerabilities every day. Talk to Cirrus about how we can help you.

Identity Services

Identity of your services can be a critical component of Zero Trust, enabling dynamic policy control of your traditional or software-defined networks. Integrate a suitable solution for your users for a seamless modern network.

Cross-Domain Solutions

Cross-domain solutions (CDS) help lessen the risks of transferring sensitive data between different areas where security criteria are incompatible. Having the right advice on security design associated with the flow of information between domains is crucial for your business. Cirrus has a national talent pool of experts to give you the guidance needed. 

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Cirrus understand the importance of engaging on all levels of your business. With extensive experience, we adopt a collaborative approach ensuring an understanding of your challenges and helping develop the right IT solution.