You Me Us Cirrus …let's rebuild Australia
You Me Us - You

Learning your needs and understanding your business allows Cirrus to provide enduring business value through technology to you, and all of our clients.

You Me Us - Me

Individual passion to solve problems, challenge the norm and pursue new technology drives our team members to deliver solutions with tangible benefits.

You Me Us - Us

Together with clients and partners we value and support one another, create strong teams, a platform for innovation and a culture of shared success.


To develop a lasting, growing and sustainable managed technology solutions business through strong client engagement and the excellence of our people.


To deliver genuine client business improvement utilising best fit technology solutions, reached by understanding organisational drivers, challenges and budgets.


Manage – Walking with the client

Management actively promote our team to be flexible, challenge ideas and continuously put themselves into the client’s shoes.

Advise – Pushing the transformation envelope

We engage our clients via a consultancy approach and push technology innovation specific for the industry type.

Relentless market disruption

We continuously stay on top of the emerging technology trends. Most of our competitors are too slow to adapt, embrace and seize the available market.

Annuity focus

Coming from a large product base, we are constantly transforming our capex style transactions into flexible monthly cycles for our clients. Providing longer term relationships, investment predictability and the opportunity for continuous service improvement.


We strive to be more than our individual makeup through empowerment of our teams, strong collaboration, enjoyment in the workplace and the creation of partnerships. We believe this will make us more than the sum of our parts and be a true contributor to our success.


We are extremely energetic and emotionally invested in technology, especially the solutions that can be provided through technology to better our clients. We take great pride in delivering great client outcomes and the journey it takes us on.


We are committed to being flexible to our clients needs and constraints, working tirelessly to deliver solutions in a shape, form or timeframe that will best meet our clients objectives, while maintaining the integrity of our delivery.


We value trust and endeavour to build relationships with our clients, suppliers, partners and each other through respect, honesty and professionalism.


We carry the courage to advise our clients on what we believe to be the right solution to meet their needs. Even if this advice conflicts with the wants of our clients, our suppliers or our partners.