SaaS monitoring for your teams

Cisco ThousandEyes SaaS monitoring

Cisco ThousandEyes monitors SaaS beyond corporate perimeter.

Businesses are stepping up their use of SaaS applications that run on external infrastructure, making monitoring beyond the corporate IT perimeter increasingly crucial to delivering high-quality digital experiences. Now IT teams can closely monitor the networks, clouds and internet across which these applications run. Cisco ThousandEyes enables companies to proactively address problems or degradation that may compromise digital experiences and ultimately threaten corporate reputations, productivity and financial performance.  

Cirrus Networks, a Cisco Gold Partner and Australian IT solutions provider, brings a strategic perspective and deep expertise to deliver market-leading monitoring solutions like Cisco ThousandEyes. “We see businesses today accessing SaaS applications that would otherwise require time and resources to develop and maintain in-house,” explained Phil Geson, Cisco practice lead, Cirrus Networks. “However, while businesses do not own the applications and the infrastructure on which they run, they remain entirely responsible for user experiences.

Minimising the risk SaaS presents to corporate environments

“Minimising the risk the SaaS model presents to corporate IT architectures is essential,” he added. “Without monitoring beyond the perimeter, IT teams cannot properly identify and address issues that may impact customers, partners, internal team members and other business stakeholders. This impact may be profound with businesses relying on SaaS applications for critical activities such as communication, collaboration, and customer relationship management.”

With Cisco ThousandEyes, IT teams can reduce mean-time to recovery by pinpointing issues quickly, identifying responsible providers and collaborating efficiently on shared data, meaning faster troubleshooting and issue resolution. They can also improve the user experience by quickly detecting and resolving SaaS performance issues before they impact user productivity and addressing help desk tickets.

Furthermore, IT teams can ensure the success of SaaS migrations by validating performance and success metrics before deployment and uncovering issues that could otherwise lengthen SaaS rollout time.

The platform’s features include the following:

  • Complete visibility of application service delivery.
  • Views of business networks and external dependencies.
  • Data-driven insight into how internet health and outages impact application experience for employees and customers.

It also provides performance visibility that enables IT teams to isolate fault domains and identify root causes quickly, and analysis allows SaaS performance management and escalation with providers. 

Cisco ThousandEyes delivers these capabilities through agents deployed across data centres, branch offices, remote users’ devices and cloud regions.

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