Workspace Solutions

Cirrus provides the right solution for your user workspace, whether it be meetings, file sharing, team collaboration, or just a good desktop experience.

Standard Operating Environment (SOE)

The right SOE can help simplify much of your IT overheads across patching, provisioning and deployment, allowing opportunities for automating elements of your environment.

Microsoft Office 365

Garnering the best possible Microsoft Office experience while utilising highly available, protected data is essential, and Cirrus ensures you have the right solution for your user community.

Endpoint Protection

Protecting your end-users and devices is one of the most critical security considerations across your business, and Cirrus can help deliver technology outcomes that offer various points of protection. Cirrus helps design, implement and support best practice solutions that support your business across physical, virtual or cloud environments.


Manage your mobile devices, ensure secure remote access and enable your workforce for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Chat to the Cirrus team for the flexibility required in the modern workplace.

Talk to Cirrus

Cirrus understand the importance of engaging on all levels of your business. With extensive experience we adopt a collaborative approach ensuring an understanding of your challenges, in turn, helping develop the right IT solution.