Control and optimise your cloud costs with Cirrus

Cirrus offers a suite of cloud native products like Spot that provide visibility, automation and optimisation across cloud operations, for all workloads.

Reduce up to 70% on cloud costs
Spot Cloud Optimisation with NetApp and Cirrus
Spot Dashboard Example

Visibility, automation and continuous optimisation for all your supported cloud platforms.

External Cloud Providers

Cirrus using Spot, has solutions to match your demands

Reliably, securely and efficiently deploy and operate infrastructure and applications in the cloud. Using continuous optimisation, automation and insights, the products and technologies free operations teams from complexity and inefficiency so that you can maximise the value of your cloud investment.

Technical Demand

Free up operations teams from complexity and overhead with solutions that automate deployment, scaling and resource management.

Financial Demand

Utilise visibility, insights and automation to continuously optimise your cloud infrastructure, reducing costs and maximising efficiency.

Security Demand

Cloud security analysis and threat noise reduction for actionable compliance, remediation and prevention.

Ask yourself these questions

Identify where and how to save without changing or rearchitecting your applications. Request a FREE demo from Cirrus to see and calculate your savings.

  • What cloud provider am I leveraging currently?
  • What is the current cloud spend (specifically cloud computing)?
  • Do we use any cost optimisation tools? If so, what?
  • Are we leveraging containers/Kubernetes? If so, what percentage of the applications are containerised?
  • Have we made any investments in reserved capacity?
    If AWS
  • Do we use Savings Plans? If so, what % is covered?
  • Do we have any Electronic data processing (EDP) in place?

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As a NetApp Prestige partner, Cirrus receives the highest program benefits. We are committed to helping customers find new ways to architect and manage their data storage infrastructure with products like Spot.