Connect, Secure & Observe with Cirrus Powered Managed Services.

Cirrus, a Cisco Gold partner and Australian-based IT solutions provider, brings a strategic perspective and deep expertise to deliver market-leading solutions such as Full Stack Observability (FSO), SASE Security and SD-WAN.

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Connect SD-WAN to enhance network performance

Enhance network performance, reliability, and security while reducing costs with a Cirrus SD-WAN Managed Service.


Empowering businesses with secure connectivity whenever, wherever.

Combine VPN and SD-WAN capabilities with cloud-native security functions using a Cirrus SASE Security Managed Service.


Observe with FSO for actionable insights

Deliver exceptional digital experience through actionable insights with Cirrus’ Full Stack Observability (FSO) Managed Service for Application Monitoring.

Our commitment to you

Businesses today require more time and resources to develop and maintain operations daily. Understanding these customer demands through feedback, Cirrus has invested heavily in customer service outcomes by adding additional specialisations. We are excited to add that we are the first Australian Partner to achieve Cisco ‘Full Stack Observability’, with further SASE Security, SD-WAN Powered Services and ‘Hybrid Work from Office Solution’.

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Cirrus has become Australia’s First Partner to tailor an outcome-focused Power Managed Service for Cisco Full Stack Observability.

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Cirrus recognise the increasing importance of maintaining a robust and efficient IT infrastructure. Identifying potential areas for improvement within your business will help develop a strategic roadmap that aligns with your business goals.

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By 2025, 50% of new SD-WAN purchases will be part of a single-vendor SASE offering, up from 10% in 2022.

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By 2025, 80% of enterprises will have adopted a strategy to unify web, cloud services and private application access using a SASE/SSE architecture. Up from 20% in 2021.

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85% of businesses need to
cut through data volumes and
identify performance issue
root causes.